Gatsby World!

The exuberant Prohibition parties are back and will catch you in a dizzying whirl of controversial adventures, in the only place in Bucharest where you can find those “crazy years”.

The most frantic getaways are now back to eclipse the urban nightlife with a daring and refined style. Where? Spot on downtown in only one place: Gatsby Club Street, 41 Smârdan.

We await you in the one place that will throw you in the midst of the most frantic parties in the city, where you have the opportunity to escape and step into a world of contrasts that will arouse unsuspected attractions and effervescent sensations. The brightest events and most impressive parties will make you live the experiences of the most famous American gangsters and “taste” the refinement of a style long past.

Forget the present and come in a unique journey into the past, where opulence, decadence and exuberance are the key to get carried away by the wave of a period full of brilliance, color and excess!

The elegant and shiny chandeliers, the mirrors and Art-Deco details will be the ingredients that will make you get into the story of Jay Gatsby, and the contemporary music mixes, dance floors flooded by lights and brilliant elements will complete this spectacular atmosphere and will merge in moments full of that ‘20s glam. Our secret is the uniqueness of the parties, which brings unprecedented elements in Bucharest. The sensational costumes, the atmosphere of delirium and the fine drinks that will flow into crystal glasses will recreate the fabulous parties organized by Jay Gatsby.

Satin and embroidered outfits embellished with beads or fringes, elaborate stitching and rhinestones are the accents that complete the ‘20s scenery, but with us, you only need a genuine attitude and a spark of glamour so you can feel the exuberant atmosphere of our parties and be feel like a real Flapper Girl or Boy Gangster. You’re free to dance from evening until dawn move about through all Gatsby rooms! Hide behind mirrors, find your ace in the sleeve in the playing cards room, dance, live, feel and create a collection of your memories! Nobody remembers a good night’s sleep, only those ‘days’ that ended at the sunrise!

Spontaneity and a bold imagination will unleash esoteric fantasies at our themed parties, as with us everything is permitted. Whether you want to organize a bachelor party or you want to spend a night of fancy during Prohibition, Gatsby Club is the place for you and your friends to become characters from the era of Duke Ellington and Jelly Role Morton. Intoxicating musical rhythms will make you forget about time, night or day and simply find yourself! Live the Gatsby lifestyle every night as if tomorrow doesn’t exist! How are portrayed the accessories of the ‘20s, shown in the mirror of the second and of the moment?

The brilliance, glamour, spectacular hold until dawn. The finest champagne, the original cocktails, and for your total comfort we created a VIP Gatsby service.

So, are you on Gatsby’s list?

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