Gatsby Home

“The tempo of the city had changed sharply,
The buildings were higher,
The parties were bigger.
The morals were looser and the liquor was cheaper.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Close your eyes and imagine how it would be to go back in time to the fabulous and controversial ‘20’s?

Every night, the moon mirrored in a spectacular fireworks show, fiery passions covered in a million confetti, promises of a life bathed in the glow of diamonds and champagne! Can you sense the exquisite frangrance of those butterfly girls passing near you? Can you distinguish it from the scent of orchids around you?

Do you hear the sound of crystalline beads, pearls and fringes? Open your eyes and do not expect to take them off of the candescent applications, those tender glowing faces of tenderness, the subtle accessories that accentuate the angelic bob haircut, sensual hair bands and a secret look hidden under a veil. Listen to every word uttered by the lips outlined in strong, opulent colors! Now dance, feel the fluid materials, how they wave around you, and the caress of the feathers.

If you want to be art and part in our story, there is one place in Bucharest for you: Gatsby Club – Str. Smardan no. 41. For when you set foot on the red carpet, you will be our VIP guest at the home of Jay Gatsby.